Sipping Liquor Claimed

A curated selection of the world's finest spirits delivered to your door

At Sipping Liquor, we scour the planet to bring you the best whisky, rum and brandy — and even occasionally something a little more exotic like a mezcal or grappa — and deliver a full-size bottle to your door every other month. We focus on niche, craft distilleries so you won’t find our selections at your local supermarket.

Our curated service ensures you’ll never lack something interesting to drink, or impress your friends with, even if you can’t find time to hunt for them yourself.

Each box comes with our club magazine, with information on the people who produced the spirit, their story and the techniques they used to hone its flavour. We also include serving suggestions, cocktail recipes and extra surprise gifts.

There’s no contract and no obligation. Cancel any time with just four clicks.