About SubscriptionY


I’m Tara-Jayne (aka TJ) & I know from experience that managing a subscription box is exciting, stressful, hard work & involves a great many skills; marketing, packing, design, social media marketing, sourcing products, time management etc.

SubscriptionY wants to help your box succeed whether you’re just starting out or already smashing it with thousands of subs.

A great idea, a tight niche, cute box & excellent products is a good place to start your awesome susbscription box.

Then you need subscribers. At SubscriptionY we want to see ‘our’ boxes fly, so we’ll actively promote & publicise them & give an extra push to those who need it.

You’re going to need a lot of boxes! We want to save you time by listing all of the important suppliers & services in one place, our Supplier List.

You’ll also need a lot of products. In the beginning, it’s easy to find 5/10 or however many products per month, but soon you’ll be busier, the next month’s box comes round quicker & it gets harder. SubscriptionY keeps an eye out for unique & interesting products  which could enhance your subscription box. Our Product Catalogue should give you plenty of ideas & inspiration, if required.

We need Subscription box owners like you to make our subscription box directory brilliant. In return, we’ll support you & promote you.

Tara-Jayne x